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Every aspect of reselling you need, all in one place.

What We Offer
We provide a consistent stream of deals, glitches, and jigs, from small discounted personal items to massive money makers, all of which are legal and exclusive to Bounce Alerts.
Ticket Reselling is available to aspiring ticket brokers regardless of experience, with guides & support coming from a seasoned broker as well as plenty of tools to assist you.
Lowkey Cooks
We have a robust team of limited-production art and collectibles experts whom are completely exclusive to BounceAlerts. The team works around the clock looking for true lowkey cooks to provide information on, on a daily basis.
Sports Betting
We provide Daily Fantasy Sports lineups for MLB, NBA, and NFL, as well as real Boxing + UFC Betting Picks, provided by exclusive staff who are seasoned in this field & boast near-perfect winning pick rates.
The dedicated sneaker staff team in our discord provides full length release guides as well additional exclusive information about hyped sneaker releases, such as droptimes for surprise releases, rare early links, and more.
Our brick staff team provides members with exclusive daily information on profiting from sneakers that you never thought you could make money on, alongside restock monitors for such shoes.
And much more
We offer a plethora of other features, which include but are not limited to BrickSeek flips & monitor, Random Resell, Options Trading, Retail Arbitrage Flips, Dropshipping Catalog, Business Advice, Chegg Answers Bot, eBay View & Watch bot, and countless more.
Take a look at BounceAIO, available exclusively to all members.
What do people say about BounceAlerts?
Been with BounceAlerts for 7 months now, and every dollar I spent on this group was 100% worth it. There is a plethora of different ways to make money, from shoes to tickets to lowkey flips, depending on what was going on in my life (school, studying, summer time) I had many options to adjust how I wanted to bring in some extra cash.
When I first joined Bounce around 5 months ago, I had no intention of keeping it. However, I was awarded with a second chance and I thank everyone for supporting me. I have made more money in this group like no other. They have the best staff for each category they offer. Bounce provides their family like no other. They aren't just a 75$ cook group with mediocre information, but another flow of income that you can make with this group. I am so happy I am apart of this family!
I joined Bounce Alerts in July of 2019. At first I was skeptical of joining because of the high monthly cost, but that turned out to be the least of my worries as I quickly made my money back within the first couple of days. From Daniel's scripts to lowkey flips Bounce Alerts has everything a normal cook group has and more. But out of everything Bounce provides, nothing can replace the community and friends I've made while being a part of the server.
Bounce Alerts was my first real cook group and it opened my eyes beyond sneakers. In the past 6 months I've profited more than I could ever have hoped, always making my membership back and more!
Within the first week of joining, Bounce Alerts helped me profit quick cash and I payed for my membership almost instantly. Great staff, excellent information, and fast monitors.
Bounce Alerts is the best cookgroup hands down. It truly is the all around cookgroup many users look for, not only does it focus on shoes, but it also focuses on other means of bringing in capital like tickets, jigs, and bricks. It isn't a group you can pass up.
Bounce Alerts …. the best group anyone can be in. We have everything one could possibly need from a cook group. Whether that be ticket resell or shoe resell, or even market trading, we have a method for you to profit on. We are always looking for the next profitable method to help improve the lives of members. Everyone in this group is a friend, no matter age, race, or gender. The owners are respectable and fair. The members aren’t just potential profit to them, instead they are treated as family.
Joining bounce has been a great experience, the staff is super helpful and all the members support one another, making sure everyone cooks. After joining, financially, I’ve been stress free. They make sure that making money is easier than ever. Their $75 membership fee may seem somewhat intimidating at first but that easily gets paid off in the first few days. Overall, bounce is and will continue to be my #1 cook group.
If you are looking for a group that flips everything, look no further ! Bounce Alerts supplies the best staff, information, and tools to help you succeed. A strong community that not only helps each other but wants to get you to your goals and ambitions.
Joining BounceAlerts is the best decision I made. With the high monthly price they give out the best information from Sneakers releases to tickets releases. The community in BounceAlerts is amazing,we all share our tips and trick on how to cop limited releases.
As a beginner with cook groups, Bounce has been nothing but helpful. The profit I've made from the group has paid for my membership fee and then some. I won't be leaving anytime soon.
I first joined bounce around 9 months ago and I wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not; however, it’s been less than a year and bounce has helped me quadruple my profits. I’ve learned moneymaking methods that I would’ve never even thought of. They have very knowledgeable staff for each category of the group, and I’ve never had an issue diving into a new category of the server. Everyone is so supportive and kind to one another it’s become almost like a second family.
Hi there fellow internet comrades, if you are thinking about joining bounce alerts, I suggest you do so asap. It has a very dedicated team, from the sneaker section to the lowkey cooks. Everything here is top notch and worth every cent.
BounceAlerts helped me transition out of the Army and put $5000 in my bank account with zero work on my end. The support is phenomenal and always creating new tools to maximize profits.
Frequently Asked Questions
Some keys purchased from the Bounce Alerts website on or after January 2020 are eligible to be resold through the marketplace at BotBroker. Exceptions & Conditions apply as stated in the Terms of Service.
Most weeknights, we post guides for a multitude of profitable events releasing the next morning, curated by our seasoned ticket reselling team. During the releases, we're present in chat to assist everyone in purchasing the best tickets.
We welcome members of any skill level in any of our focus fields! From seasoned sneaker resellers & experienced ticket brokers to aspiring entrepreneurs just starting out, we have something for everyone.
While we cannot reveal details about this outside of our discord, reselling bricks involves obtaining shoes at prices below retail and making intelligent purchasing decisions, which our brick staff team is always available to help with.
Unfortunately at this time, Bounce Alerts is only admitting members from the US and Canada due to our features being heavily directed to residents of the US, and sometimes Canada.